Cleanse Your Bathroom of Non-natural Products

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After a long hard day, what do you do to unwind? A relaxing warm bath works for many people. Bell Soap & Candle carries just the products you need to make that bath as soothing and invigorating as possible. Choose from soaps, natural loofahs, fragrances and bath bombs. And if you buy six soaps at our shop, we'll throw in a free loofah!

You can reach us at 254-613-4866 to schedule an aromatherapy appointment.

3 important benefits of using all-natural bath and body products

Do you know what's in your soaps and lotions, and what those additives may be doing to your skin? If you're concerned about the products you use to bathe and moisturize your skin, you should consider using all-natural bath products. By doing so, you can:

  1. Avoid allergic reactions and skin irritation
  2. Enjoy using products that are environmentally friendly
  3. Feel comfortable about all the ingredients in your products

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Melt away your pain and stress in a soothing scented bath

Bell Soap & Candle in Belton, TX, specializes in natural soaps, candles, bath bombs and other bath products. Our owner is a certified aromatherapist with nearly 30 years of experience in the soap-making business. We have been in business for over nine years, creating therapeutic products that are easy on the skin.

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Bell Soap & Candle has closed down at the previous location and we will be re-opening at a brand new spot soon! We have to do some minor renovations prior to opening.

We will continue to post updates and can't wait to serve you at our new spot!